Background English instructor Courtney Marshall treats Exeter Summer to a Zumba lesson. Photo credit: Ralph Blumenthal

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  • $ Thefts Persist As Summer End
    In the final week of summer session, theft persists. On Tuesday, $200 was stolen from Kirtland House, and $100 was stole
  • Oh No! Say it Ain’t So!
    This is it. The end is near. It is time for you to say your goodbyes. You sure read that right. Exeter Summer is coming
  • Frenemies
    “We’re basically brothers,” said Deniz Yaveroglu, looking at his friend. “Agreed,” replied George Antonopou
  • We Are Not “Fans” Of The Heat
    “I fell asleep in my closet last night because it was so hot,” said Carlotta Catapano, a student at Exeter Summer wh
  • We Animals Have Rights Too
    Animal rights have been a contentious issue ever since people first started domesticating goats over ten thousand years
  • Hey, Claire, How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
    From Thailand, to Exeter — and now to Carnegie Hall. Claire Charanachitta has done it all. Aft




  • For the Class of ‘22, The Play’s the Thing
    Due to last year’s terrible Covid situation, Exeter Summer students were not able to participate in the annual end
  • Exeter’s Famous Literary Gem – the Library
    The Class of 1945 Library has been standing over 80 feet tall at the heart of PEA’s Campus since 1971. Designed by ren
  • Jungle Dreams
    Apples you’ve given me Blood-red and juicy with desireCrystals you’ve waved at me Damsel, but not in distress Emeral
  • Self Portrait 
    Am I a user? A loser? A winner? A friend? A sinner?  A joke? A nightmare?  Their dread? Her meds A pencil with
  • Another Tomorrow: A Sonnet
    When you tilt your head just slightly upward,  The sun’s rays come spiraling down the sky.  A sight indescri
  • Heat and Rain
    i walked through the citythrough the sweltering heatand i saw the smoke from the prairie fires,so far awaybut then all t

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