No names! But we can guarantee these conversations are 100% real!

By Maria-Eleni Komninou

Girl 1: Hey, how are you?

Girl 2 : Omg where were you? I have been calling you almost an hour now.

Girl 1 : Sorry, I was on the football field!

Girl 2 : Did you sign up for the Boston trip on Sunday?

Girl 1 : No, we said we were going to go with the train, aren’t we?

Girl 2 : No, we are going with the Exeter bus after all.

Girl 1 : Why didn’t you tell me that our plans changed?

Girl 2 : I texted you, on WhatsApp and on Snapchat and Facebook but you were too busy to answer.

Girl 1 : My phone is dead! That’s why I didn’t see your texts.

Girl 2: Ohh whatever, we’ll go after breakfast tomorrow!

Girl 1 : Perfect!

Girl 2 : Do you want to the Mexican restaurant tomorrow?

Girl 1 : Emm, can I snapchat you tonight so I can tell you for sure?

Girl 2 : Sure thing!

Girl 1 : We are going to Canobie Lake Park on Saturday though, right?

Girl 2 : Yes of course! We are going to have a blast!

Girl 1 : See you soon!

Girl 2 : Good night!

Girl 1 : Night.

By Lea butrosoglu

“Can I join?” asked the  boy, entering the tennis court.

“Yes, sure,” the other boys responded.

“What’s your name?” one boy asked another.

The boy declared his name in a disagreeable way.

The other  boy furiously said, ”I’ve never talked to you before, how could I know your name!”

“I was kidding!” laughed the first.

“Hey, go get your racket and let’s play doubles,” said the boy to his friend sitting on the floor.

“Oh no, my dorm is too far,” he complained.

“No, no! Apparently, there is a karaoke at the dining hall. Let’s go!” said the  boy.

“Are you serious? Let’s go!” said the other.

“Yeah, let’s go to the dining hall, I’m hungry,” said one boy.  “We’ll play doubles tomorrow. Promise.”

“Oh! What happened to your knee?” a girl asked the  boy.

“Oh I was running in the rain yesterday and I fell. It was embarrassing,”he replied.

“Guys, come on, let’s go to the dining hall,” the  boy insisted.

“Exactly, I’m so hungry, come on!” said the girl.

By Paula Wilke

A: Let´s eat sushi tomorrow!

B: No. No. No. There is a barbecue for all Germans. So I cannot go tomorrow. What about today?

A: Only for Germans?

B: Yes. The German teacher asked, if we wanna come to a barbecue.

A: Not for us?

B: Are you German?

A: laughs. I´m German in heart.

B: laughs

C: Wait. Turn on your computer. So we can listen to music cause there is no internet on my phone.

A: I´m German in heart.

B: laughs

C: Do you have Youtube?

B: Yes.

B: Go to safari and insert youtube by google.

A: You know what ? I don’t want to return home. I want to be a student in Germany or the US.

C: My computer is not working.

A: Wait. Wait. I´ll open it. I am technology.

Eveyone laughs

C: You need my password.

A: It doesn´t work.

C: Oh. I´will try it later again.

Song “I wanna be like Kanye“ in the background

A: singing

B: singing

C: I should go.

A: Why?

C: I have to call my parents.

A: Don´t go.

C: I have to fix the computer and do my homework.

A: Too much homework. Homework. Homework. And sometimes you are just like “I am sleeping all day“.

C: I’m sorry. See you later then?

B: Are you sure you want to go because you can do your homework here.

C: No, It’s OK.

B: Goodbye.

A: Bye.

By Sisi Ji

A: I’m sorry I forgot to talk about it today, but I have literally been so busy today.

B: No, no, it’s totally yeah. Don’t, don’t, worry about it.

A: But I, I, I can’t, but if you don’t want me to…

B:I, I, I, don’t know what to do. Hahahhaha

A: Hahahaha. So I was actually observing the talk yesterday because you and —– and got… Anyways so, and he thinks, he looks, he, he really looks like he was kind of into you by language at least.

B: Ehehehehe. But like I don’t know, like I um… like I mean, I don’t know why I just do. It’s like that kind of thing.

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean…

B:I just don’t know, like I don’t know like I don’t talk to him that much. I mean I do but like not really.

A: Yeah.

B: So I don’t really know.

A: I don’t know. I mean I feel like so with a lot of people too.

B: Yeah.

A: It’s like a crush you know.

B: Yeah.

A: No?

B: Yeah.

A: So you like spending some time.

B: Yeah.

C: Wait ok, are you guys talking about —– or —–?

A & B: —–

C: ok, hahaha, cause I was like why are you suddenly moving back to —— like…