It was approaching the close of a day full of leisure. It was Saturday. Much of Exeter had journeyed to Maine to capture sun at Old Orchard Beach, find pleasure at a nearby mall, or dominate neon bowling.  When eleven o’clock struck, Dunbar Hall was filled with happy sounds of girls wrapping up their weekend with soft, cold, summer ice cream.

Around 11:15 screams rang from the fourth floor. A bat had escaped the outside world and entered the room of Daniela Ozuna.

“The first thing I saw was something clinging to my fan,” said Ozuna.

She immediately turned to her best friend Belqeis Abatiyow for help. Belqeis assured her that the mysterious object was only a leaf, but once the door was even slightly opened the creature begun to move. 

To screams, doors flew open, spilling out those who were curious and frantic, and in a matter of minutes the advisor on duty arrived at the scene.

Ten minutes later two security officers appeared. With only a box to capture the creature, behind closed doors they were able to apprehend the bat from room 411. Yet even after the bat was gone, the disarray continued. Phone calls were made to family of Daniela and friends from Exeter and home.

“It was like a big party, chaos,” said Abatiyow.

After things settled  down, it was an hour or two later before Daniela entered her room again. To this point there has been no clarification as to how the bat infiltrated the dormitory. All windows in Ozuna’s room are netted and there appear to be no openings in the roof or floorboards. For now the summer is coming to a close and no more bats have been spotted in any dorms.