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Week Two Photos

July 17, 2019 5:35pm |

Dreams of PEA Summer: High Expectations

July 10, 2019 8:50pm |

By Fred Fink, Summer Times Staff Writer By the time you read this, ten days of our thirty-three-day short Summer session will be already over. To get inside how students from all over the world experienced their first week, six students were interviewed. Why did they enroll in this summer program? Alex Hoyt responded, "I thought it would be a good experience because I want to do something career-wise related to computer science, so I think this course would be a good idea to test and …

A Picture-Perfect Summer

August 2, 2018 4:01pm | Lucas Schroeder

The 100th year of Exeter Summer has come to a close. Five weeks went by quickly! Here's a quick recap video from this summer. Video Produced by Lucas Schroeder. Photos by Ralph Blumenthal. [embed][/embed]…

Why I Love Exeter

August 1, 2018 7:43pm | Ali Niaz Malik

So, I finally I arrived at Exeter Academy on July 1st, ready to be part of the 100th summer session with a group of lucky people from around the world. I was looking forward to the diversity Exeter provides its students. When I went on a tour of the best schools in the world back in 2016, Exeter was by far my favorite and I knew I wanted to go there, especially because of the library as it was so amazing. I was concerned that being away from home would make me feel homesick and I often pondered…

What We Miss: A Bath

August 1, 2018 7:38pm | Magda Lockemann

Missing something, or someone?  That’s an emotion every Exeter Summer student probably already experienced in the past few weeks. With the end of the Summer program, the students start missing things from Exeter but when they came here they missed their family, friends and their home. During the last four weeks everyone started getting used to the environment in Exeter but now with the end of the programm coming closer probably every student has something that he or she wants to do imme…

Thanks For the Memories

August 1, 2018 7:35pm | Derin Kutlay

Would you say coming to Exeter was a valuable experience? If your answer is yes, then we both have a lot of people to thank. Ahem! First and foremost, thank you. Thank you, the nearly 750 of you who came here, for making this year what it is. Since without the crowd, there would be no performing arts. You were the ones we published this for. You were the ones brave enough to perform in Exeter’s Got Talent, Karaoke Nights and the plays and you were the encouraging audience. You were the ones …

Give PEA(ce) A Chance

August 1, 2018 7:33pm | Derin Kutlay, Tiya Bhatia

The students of Exeter showed us how a conflicting history does not mean crippled relationships. Makoto Irisumi and Linda Gu are just one example. “My father has prejudice against the Japanese from his history books but the rest of my family is not like this," said Linda. "We like their environmental respect and we think it is a country we should learn from. We all know history has conflict. But we are changing and developing. We cannot change history but can learn from it.” Makoto nods an…

Dancin’ the Summer Away

July 25, 2018 10:34pm | Lucas Schroeder

Exeter Summer students danced the night away on Saturday, July 21, 2018. Photos taken by Ralph Blumenthal. [aesop_gallery id="1628" revealfx="off" overlay_revealfx="off"]…

Tour de Boston

July 25, 2018 7:30pm | Katherine Fernandez

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is an interesting and entertaining city to visit in the summer. It is a historic city with many universities, good museums, a wide variety of places to eat and shop, and the best baseball park in MLB. It can be expensive, but you can still have a lot of fun in the city without breaking the budget. Here are a few of my favorites: The North End is the italian neighborhood where you will find the best Italian food and bakeries. Polcari's, sometimes called Po…

Mallrats Fill Rockingham Park

July 25, 2018 7:27pm | Emma Donnelly

Whether in Boston or Burlington, many students are eager to shop during their five-week stay during the Exeter Summer session.  Last weekend, over one hundred students boarded the yellow school buses headed for The Mall at Rockingham Park, the largest mall in New Hampshire. Karina Huang, an incoming Junior, was one of the many students enthusiastic about touring the one-million-square-foot complex.  Q: Why did you choose to attend The Mall at Rockingham Park? A: I knew that it was the…