The PEA Soccer Team won a very difficult and tight game against some very good rivals like the Exeter Blue Hawks. It was a victory worked by each of the players and would result in a 1-0 score.

Tuesday’s afternoon match developed slightly slow perhaps, but that scheme would be broken when the desired PEA goal arrived in a fantastic play and definition by the left winger, Lucas. The team showed commitment and union despite not having such a colorful game. 

In a few words from one of the viewers, Matias Holguin, a 17-year-old Ecuadorian upper school student: “ The game was a little bit frantic with a lot of pause. It was a bit difficult for the teams to go out, few scoring opportunities but they ended up winning which was the important thing.”

It is worth emphasizing the important work of the defense and goalkeeper who served the team well. This was indicated by the French left back Nikolaï van Rossum, who added: “Globally the team did a pretty good job; we had a really good keeper and good defenders.” He also acknowledged a little self-criticism as a team, saying: “We were making some good passes and having a good possession and we finally managed to score, but then we struggled a bit. They were pushing and we were just sending the ball away and we didn’t create any clear occasion, we have to improve that.”

The Exeter Blue Hawks were very physical and they began to incite PEA but the team didn’t let that happen. Another Argentinian student, Juan Manuel Zavala, said after the final whistle: “It was a good game for the victory, talking more about the general aspects of the game. I can say that our guys know how to make value of their chance.”

In this team there are all nationalities but they understand each other as one regardless of the difference in skills. Also to reward the support of the stands who were cheering for their team throughout the game and gave an extra push in the final result. This is another sign that in this summer school, a family is being formed through their experiences.  

What was quite interesting was how both teams made continuous changes giving all the players  the opportunity to shine in the field and show their expertise but the most important thing is that they learned how to improve as a team and individually. 

This is the beginning of something that has become a tradition for decades at Phillips Exeter Academy. Every year, different students take to the field to demonstrate their soccer abilities and give everything for the club; this summer will certainly not be the exception, taking into account this commitment and the next two games where no matter what happens, they will not give up in the face of  adversity.