Am I a user?

A loser?

A winner?

A friend?

A sinner? 

A joke?

A nightmare? 

Their dread?

Her meds

A pencil with no lead

His toy

A foolish mind and head

A lonely, empty bed

A tiffany’s handbag

A fluorescent red flag

A culprit in the night

I feel kinda bad

A girl?

A boy?

A helpless pestered sigh

A daughter?

A sister?

A colorful arc in the sky

A key

A lantern

A stormy, screeching tantrum

I dyed my hair auburn

I could go lead a law firm

My work would make the deadline

one day out of nine

My eyes are red from crying

But I’m fine, I’m fine

I’m a plate full of food

And a stomach lacking hunger

I’m in a restless mood

My heart electric like thunder

I’m the person you want to be 

steady as a stormy sea

But if I were rosy

Soft and pink

Perfectly gentle,

A dress weeping in the sink

Then could we spin and dance in the sand?

Then would you willingly take my hand?