Hampton beach is a wonderful experience that has allowed many Exeter students to have fun over the weekend. There is a variety of activities, food, and shops that many got to experience.

But before you can have all the fun at the beach you’ll need all the toys and equipment. The seaside market and Nam’s gift shop has all the toys, clothes, and refreshments needed for a day at the beach. Once you have the all your items from the store, you can find a nice patch of sand and enjoy the bcah and waves.

The nice cold water is a way to cool yourself after a hot day, but I would say that the waters are almost freezing. Students immediately put the things they bought to use. Some started to body board along the waves, and some decided to dig a hole. Many students enjoy the water and stores but not everyone enjoyed the cold waters. Saul Bolanos was one of them.

“I went swimming with some friends, and I also walked across the boardwalk and bought a souvenir.,” he said. “I did not enjoy the water  because it was extremely cold, but the weather was nice.”

The restaurants there range from classic American to Chinese and Mexican, all pretty good. Maxentius Lee had the food at the Mexican place. He described it as “pretty decent, I had tacos and chips.”

But some places seem to try to take advantage of all the tourists by slightly overcharging on food. So when you go for a lunch in Hampton Beach, be careful where you spend your money so you can get the best bang for your buck.

The weather can be changeable. Morning and noon might welcome you with a nice warm sun that burns bright. But when we left it started to rain with thunder clouds so if you come to Hampton beach don’t forget to bring an umbrella. Other mistakes that many students make is not bringing their own mats and beach umbrellas. If you remind yourself to bring those items it will greatly increase your beach experience.

If you get the chance to sign up for Hampton beach you should go. There is never a reason not too relax on the sandy beaches of New Hampshire. It also is a great way to cool down after all the hard work and the hot sun.