On Saturday July 16th, Exeter students went on a trip to Canobie Lake amusement park in Salem, New Hampshire. This park, which has a lot of attractions and roller coasters, also allows the tourists to ride on water slides. 

The park has 85 attractions including roller coasters, water slides, and games in which prizes can be won. Among the 200 Exeter students who went, many said that although the park was pretty small, and the lines were pretty long, lasting from 30 to 50 minutes, overall it was a good trip.

Among students’s favorite rides in the park were the Xtreme Frisbee which is a giant roller disk that rotates while swinging in the air. Martin Piedrahita said: “My favorite ride was definitely the Xtreme Frisbee because it fit all of my big group of friends at once and had a short wait, which meant we could ride it more than once.” Other students also loved the ride “Untamed”, which is the park’s newest roller coaster with a loop and zero gravity rolls.

Isabel Cardoso, a student from Brazil said: “Untamed was by far the best ride in the park. Although the ride is about 1 minute long and really short, my friends and I really enjoyed it.”

There were food courts and stands everywhere around the park, including the famous ice cream Dippin Dots which had very long lines thanks to its quality and flavor.  As in an amusement park, the food wasn’t exactly cheap, compared with, say, a pizza restaurant, where the price of a slice is under $4.

Lucas Numa, upper school Exeter student, when asked about the price of food said: “at around 7 pm, my friends and I went to Pizza Ria, and had to pay around $13 dollars for two slices each. 

The weather at the park was overall pretty chilly, averaging 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon, so students and tourists were not sweating and suffering under the usual heat of the New Hampshire summer. Thanks to the water rides and the ice cream stands, the students were able to refresh themselves in the cold water whenever they felt the need to.

Asked whether the 40-minute bus ride to the park for a total of 5 hours in the park was worth it or not, the majority of students said they really enjoyed the experience and opportunity to leave campus, try something new and have a great time with their friends. Some said they would come back: “I would come back to the park but for more time. I didn’t get a chance to get on all of the rides because of the huge lines but it was really fun and I had a great time,” said Victoria Sanz.

Finally, the trip ended with a beautiful sunset over the lake in which the park is located. Colors such as orange, red and blue made the sky look like a dream. At around 8:30 pm, the students took advantage of this scene to take pictures and have an amazing ending of the first trip of the Exeter Summer Program.