They are the people who spend years in jail, or their
lives in jail, for a crime they never committed. They are wrongly
convicted criminals.

We are Access Exeter Leadership students who are
working on spreading awareness for wrongful convictions.

Have you ever heard of criminal justice? It is giving
justice to people found guilty of committing crimes. Wrongful
convictions are a part of criminal justice, and they happen when
a person is found guilty of a crime he or she did not commit.
According to the Innocence Project, an estimated 20,000 people
sentenced in prison have been wrongly convicted.

For our Capstone Project, our group’s goal is to raise
awareness about wrongful convictions, so hopefully they can be
prevented in the future. There will be posters up in many common areas of campus, including the EPAC building, the dining hall, the library, and more. They will give you more information
about this topic and will link you to The Innocence Project’s
website, which you can donate to wrongful convictions.

The final project that will be showcased for our topic
will be a court simulation, that aims to give information about
how a person can become wrongly convicted. This final project
will be held next Thursday, July 28, and make sure to look out
for posters that give you more information on the time and
place! Please come to our meeting and we look forward to seeing you there!