By Lauren Khine, Summer Times Staff Writer

The news from Campus Safety this week was good: No news. No incidents of harassment, theft, or heckling. Only one issue has arisen, and according to Paul Gravel, the head of Campus Safety, it is much more noticeably present this year than last year. Mr. Gravel was referring to lock outs. 

“Fifteen to twenty kids are calling in about lockouts every day,” Mr. Gravel said. “A lot of calls are in the night or early in the morning.” 

Access and Upper School students alike are forgetting and losing their IDs and keys. Many forget lanyards in their rooms, and others are simply locked out of their dorms due to the time. According to Mariel Calnan, a Cilley Hall Dorm Advisor, dorm houses are locked and cannot be opened by student IDs from 9:00 pm at check-in to 6:00 am. 

“I was locked out of my room at around 12:00 a.m. and had to call campus security,” William Stein, an Exeter Summer student, said. “Some of our doors lock automatically.” Another student, George Le-Mieux, also spoke about room lockouts, saying, “My roommate was locked out; he had to call campus security because I wasn’t close-by.”

In Cilley Hall, a student had given her ID to her friend and called Campus Safety when she realized she did not have her ID. In addition, students coming late from a dorm bowling trip were locked out of their dorm because of the time. It has seemingly become normal to experience or hear of someone being locked out of their dorms. Fortunately, it is also very convenient and fast to call Campus Safety for help.

No need to bemoan the lack of more dramatic news. A quieter campus is probably due to the increase of cultural awareness,” Julie Tung, a student, said. “There’s clearly an improvement, and that’s really, really good.”