By Ann Young, Summer Times Staff Writer

As Exeter Summer begins to wind down, students may be looking fondly back at memories they made weeks ago. Of course, students will have less fond memories as well. Regardless, many students agree that they have had experiences and made memories at Exeter Summer that they will never forget.

Daniel Rosenstruach, an Access Exeter student living in Webster Hall, said his favorite moment while at Phillips Exeter was in his math class. “One of my best moments was when I found a formula in math, which was really fun” he said. “I’m taking Problem Solving and Mathematical Modeling. I was really proud of that moment because the formulas you need are normally just given to you, but I was given the chance to figure it out  myself, which was super cool.” As for his least favorite moments here, Daniel said he doesn’t like Saturday check in. “I don’t like that I have to stay up until eleven to check in. That wasn’t really fun.” he said. 

“My favorite memory at Exeter Summer was in natural science,” Catherine Merrill of Langdell Hall began. “We made bio-plastic LEGO blocks. I was working with another kid on it and I’m really happy I did. We worked really well together and I definitely got more out of the activity working with her than I would have if I worked alone,” she said. “As for my least favorite moments, I really hated when the river was out at low tide and we couldn’t get out on the water for crew. Those days weren’t as fun.”

Adriana Buvac-Drndic’s favorite experience was in her CSI class. “The trip to Star Island was a really good experience,” she said. “It was really fun to see more of New Hampshire and I think it was just a really good experience overall. I’ve also been really liking my literacy class, which is weird for me. I used to absolutely hate literacy, but now it’s one of my favorites because of my teacher.” In regards to her least favorite experience while at Phillips Exeter, Adriana said she was disappointed when Field Day was cancelled. “I was really looking forward to Field Day. I really thought that would be a fun event.”

For Cara Adams, an Access Exeter student from England, the weekends were the best part. “I really liked the first Saturday that I was here,” Cara said. “The carnival the first weekend was really fun. I went with friends I had made throughout the first week. I did come here with a few people from my school, so it was fun to be able to go and spend time with them, too.” Despite all the weekend activities offered at Exeter Summer, Cara said that there were some weekends she didn’t go out, and that those days were her least favorite. “A lot of times I would go on trips with my friends. There was one week that I didn’t take any trips on Sunday, and those days were boring since nobody was really around.”

Good and bad memories considered, most Exeter Summer students would agree that the past month has been a month of learning and growth!