By Isabel Povey, Summer Times Staff Writer

The Exeter Summer community was left feeling very disappointed when the greatly anticipated Field Day on July 6 was cancelled. After severe weather reports of dangerous thunder and lightning on Saturday, the afternoon of fun activities that are deemed great, integral bonding experiences was rightly called off to assure the safety of everyone on our campus. 

There were many fun things planned for the entire Exeter Summer community. It was intended to be a time for both the Upper School and Access kids to come together and enjoy one another. Games like potato sack races, izzy dizzy relay, and three-legged races were meant to break down barriers and build connections between students and faculty from all over the world and campus, and to help us depart from our differences and ultimately unite as one. All while working in teams with our dorms and fighting to win!

Teachers and students alike were looking forward to this day, and not only for competing to be the champion. Cameron Fujioka, an Abbott Hall resident from Japan, was excited to make new friends from different dorms, connect with peers from around the world, and bond with his teachers outside of the classroom. 

Teacher and Merrill dorm advisor, Mrs. Michaela Boller, explains that as tough as it was, she is grateful for the school’s concern in regards to our safety. “I am really disappointed,” she said. “It was super sad to see all the girls come down ready to go in their cute tee shirts.” This is her eighth summer here at Phillips Exeter Academy, and she thinks field day has always played a crucial role in the welcoming of summer session students. “It truly sets the tone for the community we build within our dorms,” she explained.

Everyone worked hard on the shirts we would wear to represent our dorms in the games. The shirts united students, showcased the various personalities within our unique and diverse student body, and even kicked off the competitive atmosphere and build up for the event here on campus. The Cilley dorm had bright, neon shirts to stick out from the crowd and they were ready to show them off. Aaliyah Colon, a 16-year old from Puerto Rico, wore her neon proudly, and was looking forward to beating the other dorms. 

The Ewald dorm couldn’t contain their excitement, and eager to begin a warm up, went to the Love Gym before receiving news of the cancellation. The rain “totally killed the vibe,” said 17-year old Alexis Cardenas of Mexico. “We were the only ones in there, and we waited for a half hour! We brought our flag and everything, all of us were so excited.” 

The unfortunate weather can’t keep the Exeter Summer students from having a good time! As soon as the skies were clear, students flooded the quads to play cards and football with each other. The evening became a wonderful, unconventional bonding time which actually did end up bringing the community together as one.