By Enno Behrens, Summer Times Staff Writer

Exeter Summer Upper School’s Soccer Team racked up one victory and one defeat in their first two games.

Upper School students had the opportunity to participate in two “Soccer Tryouts” on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 to show their skills in two matches to qualify for the Exeter Summer Soccer Team. Coach Nolan C. Lincoln then selected the best players, who made it to the team. About 25-30 students participated in the Tryouts and 21 students from more than nine different countries finally made it to the team. From now on they will play two games per week, on all Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm in Phelps Stadium.

The team lost its first game 3-1 against the Exeter High School Soccer Team in nice and sunny weather on Monday, July 8, only three days after the second Tryout. It was the first time the students ever played together. The Exeter High School Team took a 2-1 lead in the first half. During half time and the second half more and more Exeter Summer students came to watch the game and support their team. The Exeter Summer team had the momentum on their side now and when Hermogenes Lopez scored in the middle of the 2nd half there was still hope of a comeback. Yuki Iguchi had the chance for the equalizer for the Exeter Summer Team after a nice run on the left side but could not find the goal. Shortly before the end, the Exeter Public School Team scored the winning goal, making it 3-1.

The next match was scheduled for Thursday, July 11 at 6:30pm but was cancelled because of a thunderstorm so the next game, the team was going to play, was one week later, on Monday, July 15.

Again, the opponent was the Exeter High School team. In nice weather, the game started really fast.After only 3 minutes Robert Kincses scored the opening goal for the PEA Summer Team. Only two minutes later the Exeter High School Team put the ball into the net, but the goal was denied, because of an offside position. But in the 13th minute they made it 1-1 after a cross from the right side that somehow found its way to the striker, who headed it in.

Now the PEA Team stepped up the pressure again and in the 30th minute Gustavo Gabaldon brought the PEA Team back into the lead again. Just before halftime the Exeter High School Team almost scored the equalizer. After the goalkeeper was already beaten, the ball was cleared on the line by a defender.

Although substitutions were made in the first half, the PEA Team started the second halftime as they started the first one. Just after one minute, still in halftime in thoughts, they conceded the equalizer. It was 2-2 now, making the game exciting again. In the 47th minute the PEA Team took the lead again, after a big mistake from the Exeter High School goalkeeper, who lost the ball in his own box. Robert Kincses just had to push the ball into the empty goal to grab his second of the match. 

“It was a great feeling”, said Robert after the game. “It was just nice to have scored my first two goals here, for the team.”

After that nothing really happened anymore. The PEA Summer Soccer Team won 3-2 for their first victory in only their second game. The next game is today, Thursday, July 18. Come over and support your team!