By Enno Behrens, Summer Times Staff Writer

Exeter Summer Team suffers two 3:1 defeats in the last week.

The Exeter Summer Soccer Team played two more games last week and this, against the Exeter Regular Session Team on July 25 and against the High School Team on July 29.

The first game was against the Regular Session Team, against which the Summer Team lost 7:1 the week before. In nice weather and with a decent amount of spectators, the game started at Phelps Stadium at 6:30 pm. Again, the Regular Session Team was better and after 10 minutes they scored the opening goal. A striker dribbled past two defenders, sent the goalie to the ground and lobbed the ball over him. Except for that, the first half was really unspectacular. The Summer Team only had two shots and had to concentrate on defending most of the time. 

Although the Summer Team competed well in the second half and had much possession, they couldn’t manage to shoot on the goal very often. The Regular Session Team doubled their lead after the goalie couldn’t reach a low cross from the left side, so the striker only had to score into the empty goal. After that the Summer Team conceded the 3rd goal. Shortly before the end, Philippe Parmeggiani scored the honorable strike for the Summer Team, making it 3:1. Then the game was over. In this match a clear improvement was visible. Although conceding goals, the team didn’t fall apart and even scored. Despite the defeat, the team did a good job for only knowing each other for 4 weeks and playing against a well-rehearsed team.

The game on Monday against the High School Team was going to be the last game for the soccer team and the chance to finish the summer with a balance of victories and defeats. By now the Team had won two, and lost three games, so they would have to win this match, to not finish the Summer with a deficit.  

In nice weather, the Summer Team got off to a good start and after only about 6 minutes took the lead when Carlos Yanes scored with a shot over the keeper from the right corner of the box. In the 10th minute the opponents had the big chance to equalize, but after the goalie had already been beaten, the striker only put the ball on the crossbar, standing in front of the empty goal. Luck for the Summer Team. In the rest of the first half nothing exciting happened. 

Again, with time, many students came to Phelps Stadium to watch the game. In the second half, the goalie Pierre Bernoti could save the lead for the Summer Team with a great reflex in a 1 vs. 1 duel against the striker in the 45th minute, but in the 55th minute he had no chance after a flat cross from the right side found its way to the striker who scored, 1:1. In the 67th minute the High School Team finally turned the game around as they played better now. 2:1, after a pass forward, that the striker shot directly on the goal. Ten minutes later, the High School Team scored the 3:1 which was the preliminary decision in the 76th minute. A striker dribbled around 3 defenders in the box and scored alone in front of the goalkeeper. This was the final point in an unspectacular game. 

Out of 6 games the Summer Team lost 4 and won 2. A decent performance for only having played with each other for such a short time, although the team could and should have won the last match. They’ve shown that that would have been possible in the previous games against the High School Team.