By Saanie S. Moodie, Contributing Writer

Rolling black, rolling white 

A newspaper but instead of focusing on the white part of the paper 

They focus on the black 

The bold 

The reason behind the season

Black and white are the two colors 

Oops, I meant “shades” but black stands for “colored” 

Am I right or am I wrong 

I am black, I am proud 

Black lives matter 

All lives matter 


Are you undermining my statement by making your own 

Or are you standing up for what doesn’t have to be stood up for 

Or is it both

I am black, I am proud

So what are you proud of ? 

The achievements that came along with being who you are which you didn’t have to work for or the fact that your family didn’t have to live in hell and heaven at the same time 

Yeah I love my skin, but it came with pain 

Your parents don’t have to sit down and tell you about the history of a race that was looked down upon just because of their skin color 

And even if they did tell you that, you couldn’t relate

Cause black people are BAD 

You wonder why we act the way we do 

Don’t go back to the luisitiana or world war 1 

Go back to Martin Luther king or Harriet Tubman or people like Malcom X 

My emancipation is everyone else’s proclamation 

i am black and i am proud