By Enno Behrens and Mansoor Alakkas, Summer Times Staff Writers

As the Exeter Summer Administration assesses which courses proved most successful and what students have to say about the classes they took — or would have liked to take — The Summer Times did its own quick survey. Clearly, through the great variety of offerings and great facilities to get the best possible experience from the courses, there is something for everybody at Exeter Summer, from Science classes, to foreign languages on different levels, to Sports. But there’s always room for improvement.

Claudia Rodríguez from Puerto Rico took Quantum Physics, Chemistry and Criminal Justice, which was her favorite one. This is a course where you learn about the Criminal Justice System in the USA and the laws that apply to it. Claudia chose this course because she wants to work for the FBI later, where she would need knowledge about the legal system to see if she will study Criminal Justice later. She likes Criminal Justice most because she has “learned a lot” and it was very interesting for her. She would have liked to attend the Genetic Engineering Class too but that didn’t work due to her timetable. She said there were no courses she would have liked to attend but couldn’t find.

Erk Justus from Germany, signed up for Architecture, Cryptography and 3D-Computer Design. His favorite was Architecture, because it’s “fun to build stuff” and design it for himself. Erk was disappointed that there was no Robotics class offered at Exeter Summer because he wanted to build robots and make roboter fights, because he “likes it” and is “good at it.”

Shahla Alzayani from Saudi Arabia took Problem Solving in Algebra, Neural Neuropsychology and Debate & Argumentation classes. Her favorite class was Debate & Argumentation because she loves arguing and it “helps [her] to talk about her values”. She learned “how to support [her] opinion with evidence. She also would have liked to attend a Cooking course, but that was not offered. Her sports classes have been Tennis and Yoga.

You would have found Dariana Post from Russia and the USA in were Drawing, Problem Solving in Algebra, and Grasping Grammar, which was her favorite, because she “needed to improve [my] knowledge in English Grammar and the course really helped” her. In the Drawing class she improved her portrait skills and in the Algebra class she “learned how to solve problems in a different way.” Her Sports class was Crew for both sessions. She was satisfied with the variety of the normal classes, but she wished that there had been a golf course offered. If she came here again next year, she would take Debate and Argumentation, Clothing Design and Chemistry.

Tula Singer from Cuba took Philosophy, SAT, Screenwriting and Creative Writing. Her favorite courses were Philosophy and Creative Writing because these courses were “most helpful for [her] in the future”. She took the SAT to be prepared for tests, and Screen Writing because she wants to become a writer. From her classes she got to know the college experience and learned how to participate in the Harkness system. Tula wished there was an Arts History class offered at Exeter Summer. Next year, she would take Psychology, Journalism and something that has to do with Math.

Diego Noboa from Ecuador signed up for Creative Writing and Becoming a Confident Writer for Non-Native Speakers, SAT and Cryptography. He most liked Becoming a Confident Writer for Non-Native Speakers because he “can write better essays and tell about [my] life and thoughts” now. He took the other classes because he “needed to improve [my] English and Maths.” He is satisfied with the variety of offered courses and there is nothing not offered that he wished it was offered. If he came here again next year, he would take Psychology, Calculus and Becoming a Confident Writer again.

Business and Economics attracted Omar Almutabagani from Saudi Arabia. “It’s something new to [me] and it explains how the world works and gives [me] a clear image of reality” Omar wants Exeter to add Chess competitions next year and wants Table Tennis to be added as a sport course.

How about Pierre Bernoti from Venezuela and Lebanon?  He took Grasping Grammar, Economics & Business and Sports Science. His favorite course was Economics and Business because “how the class was going, was really good” and he looks forward to study it in College. Pierre said he missed a political class. Next year, he would take the same classes, but would change Grasping Grammar to Global Economics.

Ikem Ikekpeazu from the United States is glad that he chose Physics this year, simply because he has “good teachers”. Ikem  wants basketball competitions next year. “Why is there a soccer team and there isn’t a basketball team?”he asks.

Brian Tisnabudi really enjoyed the College Admissions Essay course because he gained a lot of knowledge about how the application system works. He thinks that it really prepares him for when the time comes. “I really enjoyed how we incorporated actual application essays with the Harkness system.”

Qadir Muhammad from Boston, Massachusetts, took Introduction to Film, Screenwriting and Theater because he likes the Film and Theater Industry as he wants to become a voice actor. He liked Theater most, because “it was the most active class.” Qadir had missed a Theater Technology class, that was not offered. During his time in Exeter, he learned more about Theater and that “not everybody thinks like [me].” Next year he would take the same classes, except Screenwriting, again.

There may be some students who regret some courses they took and some that are glad of their choices. In general, all of them were satisfied with the number of offered courses, although many of them would have liked to see at least one other course offered. Of course, not every wish can be fulfilled as there would have to be enough students who would attend the wished-for courses and enough teachers, knowledgeable about the subject. Still, Phillips Exeter Academy should take these suggestions into consideration and try to add some courses in the coming years.