By Ann Young, Summer Times Staff Writer

For many Exeter Summer students, sports play a big role in their lives at home. During their time at Phillips Exeter, they are given the opportunity to try a new sport or continue their work in preparation for their next athletic season. There are fifteen physical education courses available between the Access Exeter and Upper School programs. 

Anthony Woo, an Access Exeter student from Abbott Hall, said he hadn’t played much soccer before coming here. “I don’t really have any goals for [soccer],” he said. “I just want to be healthy and move more.” Anthony said that while he does not have any experience playing soccer, he is enjoying it so far. “The coach is really nice,” he said. “Even though I’m not so good, he always helps me and encourages me to do the best I can.”

The cross country option has shown to be enjoyable for many students enrolled. Krisha Deora, an Upper School student from India, has been sprinting at her school for a year and a half. “[Cross country] is something new for me,” she said. “Cross country running isn’t very common where I’m from.” Even though she does not typically run long distance events, Krisha said she hopes to improve her stamina for her next track season.

“I’ve been playing for five years at my school,” said Eduardo Franco of his soccer experience. Eduardo, who is from the Dominican Republic, is a member of the Exeter Soccer Club. “I want to see how people from other countries play the game and learn from them,” he said..Eduardo says he enjoys soccer because it’s fun and “it’s a team sport that really brings people together.”

Catherine Merrill of Langdell Hall rowed in the Access Exeter “A” boat last year. Since then, she has not rowed, but is a rower in the crew club’s experienced boat this summer. “I would like to make the “A” boat again this year,” she said of her goals this year. “Realistically, though, I just want to have fun. I really like the sense of teamwork and bonding in the boat.”

Even if students are not in one of the three athletic clubs offered, those with experience can still use their time at Exeter Summer as an opportunity to continue to receive coaching while they are here. Chimemeka Uduanu, an Upper School student from Nigeria, is one such student. “I  swim for my school,” he said. Chimemeka has been swimming for four years, and says while he does enjoy swimming, he doesn’t like losing. “I like swimming in general, but my main goal is to get faster and increase my endurance so I can be better when I get back home to Nigeria,” he said. “I want to be faster so I can be the best there and people can look up to me.”