By Enno Behrens, Summer Times Staff Writer

Did you hear the joke about the lost wallet?
OK, here it is:
A lost wallet was found on the Exeter Summer campus. Inside was $1,458. If it’s yours, please form a double line outside the Exeter Summer office.
Except…it’s no joke. A wallet with $1,458 was found on campus on Sunday, July 11. What’s more, it was turned it the same day by an honest student and returned to the rightful owner. Both students are from Webster Hall but school officials asked that they remain anonymous. 
So, after some bad news last week about a homophobic slur and racist taunts by passing motorists — finally, some good news! 
The wallet incident was confirmed by Director of Campus Safety Paul Gravel.

The finder didn’t get a reward, “but Exeter Summer administration were notified of the good
deed,” Mr. Gravel said in email correspondence with The Summer Times.

If you ever find something that doesn’t belong to you, you can hand it in at the Exeter Summer
Office, Campus Security or ask one of the advisors. 
Here, as elsewhere, honesty is always the best policy. Plus, it gets a write-up on the front page of the school newspaper.