By Faisal Al Essa, Summer Times Staff Writer

Extracurricular activities keep the students of Exeter Summer very busy! Most activities range from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., four times each week. Students were able to take their pick from a variety of options when applying, although some sports weren’t available because they had reached maximum capacity or lack of student interest. Lacrosse in the second session suffered from this latter problem.

Some students participated in two different sports, shifting into a different sport in the second session, while others were content in their first sports.

Luckily for Julia Tung of California, a swimmer and a runner, her hobbies of preference were provided through Exeter Summer’s extracurricular options. She started the first session with Competitive Swimming, and moved on to Cross Country Running in the second session. As much as Julia liked both sports, she was limited to practicing one sport at once, although she would have practiced both at once if she had the chance. Julia loved the sports she practiced, but remarked she would have also liked to take part in spin classes, if they were offered.

Maria Potamianaki of Greece took part in two different sports, volleyball and tennis. She enjoyed the two different experiences she received from different sports. Maria craves challenge and said she likes “intensity.” Maria has enjoyed her time in volleyball and tennis but would have taken part in a Ballet Club to further practice her hobby.

Many different students from all around diverge in their interests; their hobbies are significantly distinctive.

Lukas Mogharrab of Germany initially applied to two different sports to have multiple experiences. Lukas originally enrolled into Tennis and Lacrosse. Lukas enjoyed his first sport, tennis, although he found that despite being enrolled in “Competitive Tennis,” some players were beginners and brought no challenge to the game. He acknowledged a few better players, but noted the level of play was not was he expected in competitive tennis. In the second session, Lukas hoped to experience the unique sport lacrosse, but because the sport only enrolled four people, he and his fellow lacrosse-mates switched sports. Lukas made the switch to “Gym Practice” in order to maintain his fitness. Lukas also expressed his love for “Hand Ball” which he would have enjoyed playing at Exeter, if it had been provided.

Alexis Cardenas of Mexico chose to do Competitive Swimming and stuck to that sport for both sessions. Alexis wanted to improve his swimming skills and put all of his focus on the one sport. Alexis also described his coach as “cool,” which was a major factor that encouraged him to stick to the sport. The instructor provided “cool” vibes to Alexis as he practiced Competitive Swimming. Although Alexis liked the “challenge” of Competitive Swimming, he would have considered doing Volleyball if it were not full. With this experience Alexis would still enroll in Competitive Swimming in the future as he found the sport very appealing.

Clearly, different students have different hobbies. Different students want to practice different sports. Many sports were available, and some weren’t. Some sports had no vacancies with a high demand of more students, and some sports had the opposite with not enough students for an enjoyable experience. Overall, Exeter Summer Students were able to cope with switching sports, and they enjoyed the extracurricular activities. Sports gave the students time off studying. It was the break they needed and the time they could use to interact and socialize with their fellow classmates. Although there were some sports that weren’t provided, maybe in future Exeter Summer sessions, improvements are coming into action year by year.