By Eunice Lai, Summer Times Staff Writer

Splish, splosh, splash, the students of Exeter Summer wade through the wave pool, awaiting the rush of big waves to cool them off from the excruciating summer heat. Their noses are filled with a surge of chlorine scented air mixed with sunscreen.

This past Sunday, approximately 150 students from both Access Exeter and Upper School participated in the trip to Water Country, organized by the Deans of Fun. Water Country is a water park in Portsmouth, NH, which features up to 15 different attractions varying in thrill level, along with picnic places and snack booths to replenish your thirst after a long day out in the sun.

Before going to Water Country, students had mixed feelings. “We had low expectations and I thought it was not going to be worth it,” Alex Westford, 16, from Main Street Hall said.

Meanwhile, Cecily West, 16, from Amen Hall said that she “was excited because it was a great place to enjoy the hot weather in New Hampshire and a fun way to spend time.”

“I was really excited before going,” Defne Ciliz, 16, from Cilley Hall said, echoing Cecily’s sentiments. “We don’t have that many water parks where I come from [in Turkey] and I have never been to one before so I didn’t know what to expect.”

After the trip, students shared an almost unanimously positive feeling towards Water Country. “After going, it felt like a good decision—we had a good time, the slides were better than expected, and everyone seemed satisfied,” Alex remarked.

Karina Sauceda, 16, from Dunbar Hall, felt the same way. “Water Country was great! The rides are amazing and I absolutely loved it. I’m glad I was able to spend some quality time with friends and I would recommend these rides to anyone who wants to go. Watch out for the seagulls though!”

Meanwhile, for Cecily, who had been excited for the trip even before she departed, Water Country “lived up to [her] expectations.” Cecily said, “They had a variety of different rides to choose from that kept me entertained the whole time.”

“I had so much fun, and it was an amazing experience,” Defne concurred. “Now I wish we had big water parks like Water Country in Turkey too.” 

Overall, the students of Exeter Summer found this trip to be one of their highlights of their summer and would recommend this trip to next year’s students.