By Faisal Alessa, Summer Times Staff Writer

Although the Deans of Fun offered several different trips to many locations, the trip to Boston was one of the most crowded trips. Many Access Exeter and Upper School students took the time to venture to this fun-filled location, where they spent the whole day.

As the students roamed around Boston for eight hours, they engaged in multiple activities. Mainly, they went shopping and visited tourist attractions.

Some took a picture of the State House as they were dropped off at the Boston Common. Some started walking towards Fenway. Many students had to walk a few miles due to the restriction against riding an Uber, a popular ride-share service. Regular taxis, on the other hand, were hard to find. There were a few students that managed to get on Ubers without getting caught, but they risked the consequence of having their trip privileges taken away.

Many teens took advantage of the Boston trip to visit pricey, luxurious brands. As they went to Fenway they stopped at the Prudential Center, where many worldly brands house themselves. Students were in and out of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, and other high-end stores.

Then, students got hungry from all the walking and shopping. There were a few snack breaks as students chose different cuisines ranging from Asian and Italian, all the way to American meals. Lots of students expressed dissatisfaction regarding their food.

Some students took the time to visit a cannoli store—they clearly did their homework about Boston, and discovered that the city was famous for its sugary sweet cannoli.

As they swept Fenway, students moved on to other famous venues that happened to be all around the perimeter. Boylston Street, where the Apple Store is, took the attention. A few students got new devices, like the new Apple Airpods with wireless charging. Those students were spending a lot. 

Parallel to Boylston Street is Newbury Street—another popular tourist destination. Newbury is well-known for hosting events and markets, and sure enough, several Exeter Summer students were lucky enough to enjoy a live music performance in addition to their adventures in small shops with lots of interesting products, and food—lots of it.

Several other tourist attractions compelled students’ attentions. Some students did their history homework and decided to check out the USS Boston, a historical landmark.

Another group decided to check out the Boston Science Museum, where they saw lots of scientifically enlightening exhibits. Then they went to the Freedom Trail, where they were able to experience how it was back in the day when minorities of North America tried to abolish slavery. Exeter Summer students were all over the place crossing many streets; visiting different venues.

Finally, as it was almost time to leave the students gathered early at the Boston Common to witness a public performance, and they were able to conclude their trip with soothing music. 

Most students greatly enjoyed the trip and plan to visit again on the 21st. Until then, Boston!