Exeter has been an amazing experience filled with friends, knowledge and fun. Unfortunately, it is now time to say goodbye. But don’t worry, this isn’t farewell forever!

Even for those not coming back to Exeter, New Hampshire, we will all have a part of Exeter with us at all times. Indeed, Exeter Summer is a life-changing experience.

When asked what they enjoyed most about being here at Exeter Summer, many students talked about the social life. “I went on a lot of trips and had tons of fun,” said Filomela Gerou, 14.

“I’m really glad I made so many friends here, I hope we stay in touch,” answered Elizabeth Havouti, 14.

Nicolas Ling, 15, agreed. “I enjoyed doing sports, especially with friends, the most,” he said.

We asked students how this experience changed their outlook on life and whether their goals for the future changed after being here.

“Well, I found out I don’t really want to do chemistry anymore,” Filomena said. “However, thanks to my Astrophysics class, I think I’d like to study this subject now. It was very interesting.”

Nicolas said, “I realized I definitely want to go to a college where I’ll be able to swim along with taking classes.”

Filomena praised her global justice class. “It really made me think of all the issues in our modern world,” she said. “It motivated me to take a stand. Maybe I’ll end up having a job in this area later on.”

This summer program has definitely changed all of us in very different ways. It is with great regret that we must say goodbye to this place. But a part of us will always be here in Exeter, and this experience has surely shaped our personalities.