So, I finally I arrived at Exeter Academy on July 1st, ready to be part of the 100th summer session with a group of lucky people from around the world. I was looking forward to the diversity Exeter provides its students. When I went on a tour of the best schools in the world back in 2016, Exeter was by far my favorite and I knew I wanted to go there, especially because of the library as it was so amazing.

I was concerned that being away from home would make me feel homesick and I often pondered how I would get through the first day. I could not believe how exciting the first few days were, how we were greeted by the amazing teachers, Mr. Brooks, Mr. McTammany and Mr. Gerry who provided me with useful insights of life at the school. I felt an instant camaraderie with many of the students.

The clarity, sense of purpose and dedication of students and teachers alike has been commendable. It has revealed new ways of solving problems and produced lively debates. It has also created a new sense of perspective for me. Overall, my friendships have remained the hallmark of this trip and I hope to make many more.

My quest to seek answers for daunting questions led me to Exeter and provided the best place to get answers and satisfy my curiosity. The lively sessions provided a great opportunity to listen to others’ point of view. I came to Exeter right after getting my first novel printed and I had many questions.  I asked my teachers at Exeter for guidance and they provided answers, and now hopefully, I will be able to publish it.  I would like to thank Ms. Blanco and Ms. Tenny Helfrich for giving advice and guidance on my book. Exeter provided me the best place to get responses to my various questions. My amazing teachers provided me with the fuel to go on.

In all of my fun sessions, my classmates and I gave our full effort, and I sincerely believe that the passion to find common causes with fellow students creates bonds of a lifetime and will certainly be of great importance in the years ahead.

The fun trips provided me with the opportunity to bond with the 100th session students and it seemed like a family trip where we were under supervision of our wonderful teachers.  I had often wondered before coming here about the Harkness program but when I experienced it at Exeter, it changed my thought process.  The concept of speaking one’s mind and sharpening skills has helped me evolve as a person.  The idea of respect and listening to others is really a great way of learning.The concept of challenging oneself and creating insightful solutions, in my case talking about the publishing of my novel, was amazing. I discussed it with various teachers who provided me with the balanced opinions and methods to solve the challenge.

The independence I received being at Exeter and away from my family has provided me with a new perspective of looking at life.  One of the most exciting parts was that I was able to attend Friday prayers which is something that I do regularly when I’m home, and Mr. Friedlander was always kind and generous to us.

Over all Exeter has provided me with the best summer of my life and I hope to come again next year as this has been the experience of a lifetime.