It has been a long five weeks at Exeter Summer, filled with joy and laughter as well as injuries (um, my ankle!) and heartbreaks. Exeter Summer has been around for a hundred years and have been teaching kids not only lessons but how to interact with others.

Coming to the small town of Exeter you don’t really expect to have an exciting time. But the students here have proved that statement totally wrong. From students learning Spanish in Phillips Hall to playing basketball in the Thompson-Love Gym. This has been one of the best if not the best summer for many kids here.

Jose Silvia, a Puerto Rican high schooler here with some of his schoolmates, has a few words about his experience at Exeter. “This camp was an amazing experience and it was cool to make a lot of friends from around the world.”

This has been Jose’s first time living away from his parents and he has loved it. He enjoyed the different selection of food in the Dining Hall and how it was different from back home. He stayed in the dorm Browning where he made many friends. He even got a chance to travel to Boston which he described as a beautiful city where everyone looks happy. Overall Jose had a great time at Exeter Summer.

“The campus is so magnificent and lovely I could walk around it for hours.” This is what 14-year-old Elif Gulener had to say about Phillips Exeter. This is Elif’s first time living at a summer camp and she has had a great time. Elif has had a chance to go to Boston, the New Hampshire Mall, and even a waterpark.

Not only has Elif learned new interesting things at Exeter she has also made life long connections here. Albeit in the last weeks Elif did cut her left foot so severely she had to be taken to the hospital. This injury has not been able to hold her down because she is still participating in fun activities with her friends. Elif will be able to fly back to Turkey with a lot more knowledge than she came with.

Exeter Summer is very different from other basic overnight camps. The instructors and teachers here at Exeter are here to not only teach but to guide you through to have an amazing summer. That’s exactly what this summer has been too.