Based on Brown Girl Dreaming: End of Summer by Jacqueline Woodson

Too fast to let the summer leave us, we meet,
talk, walk, play together at 100th Exeter
it might be the last time
that we will not see each other again.

The first week of the summer, it felt like everything
is very slow and boring. Some of us even homesick.
Now, we nearly reach the end of
2018 summer.

It will feel slow during the rst week, Mr. Schieber says.
But the rest of the summer, time will fly
and you will not realize.

I started to think, and think, and think
how could I make the most out of this summer?
still thinking,
I will write a poem based on the book I studied last year,
and I hope
it will be published in The Summer Times

~ Poom Siripakorn ~