Diversity- that’s one thing that Exeter Summer stands for. You get to meet a lot of new people from different countries and even different continents. Therefore you also get to know new cultures and with that maybe even their rituals. During the five weeks, the students here were able to get to know all of that like meeting new friends and hanging out with them in the afternoon. But at the end of those five weeks, you will have to say goodbye and you might not be able to see the newly made friends for quite a long time. When you go around and ask people “What will you miss most from this summer?” most of them will answer you with exactly that. They tell you that they will miss the new people they met just as much as the diversity in the people you get to know here, which you are often not used to.

There is so much to miss for everyone once they leave this place, they probably just don’t think of those small things yet.

People are going to miss the restaurants in town. The time you spend with your friends getting breakfast at Laney and Lu’s and having a great morning there.

Stillwells! Where else do you get such large proportions of ice cream even when you are ordering the smallest size you can get? Everyone has probably been there at least once. Remember standing in front of the menu and having trouble selecting out of many different flavors which one you should get?

The evenings in your dorms- hanging out with a bunch of people until you go to bed talk about your day and maybe even do some activities such as: creating friendship bracelets, eating pizza, henna, and many more things.

Hanging out until nine o’clock-outside with a group of friends listening to music while singing and dancing along. And probably even hearing other groups of people and their cultural music.

Weekly Assemblys- meeting up with the whole school to get to know interesting people and talk about things that are important for living together and making the most out of it.

When we all leave on Thursday and come back to our home country and our daily live we will start to recognize what a wonderful time we had here and start to miss the little things we experienced at Exeter Summer and didn’t notice that much. We will sit at home and think of the amazing time we had here.