Many Exeter Summer students struggle to satisfy the weight requirements for their suitcases on their airplane flight home. Often times, students choose to leave a myriad of weighty-and-unusual-items behind in their dorms.
      Even, sometimes, if you can believe it, American money, particularly coins.
    Benjamin Putnam, a faculty member who lives in Wheelwright Hall, has found a wide variety of items over the last few years working at Exeter Summer. Some of Mr. Putnam’s discoveries include “food, clothing, soccer balls, sunglasses, extension cords, books, and art projects.”
    Hannah Elkatsha, a resident of Dunbar Hall, recognizes that packing both her recent purchases and items from home is not feasible. “I’m leaving my fan because it’s too big to carry back to Dubai, and someone else can use it next year,” she said. “I’m also going to leave my bathrobe and hangers because I just got them for camp. I will leave my toiletries behind as well, because I need space in the suitcase and there’s no need to bring them back home.”
            Miyu Ishikawa, a girl from Japan, plans to leave her fan in the dorm as it is heavy and takes up much space in the suitcase. “It is wise not to bring it travelling a big distance: across the Pacific Ocean,” she said.
              Students that leave their former belongings behind will carry something far more significant: the memories of a life-changing summer at Phillips Exeter Academy.