Over the past four weeks, there have been many firsts, where people have tried and experienced new things. In the upcoming days, there will be many more firsts — of the first thing people will do when they get back home. For now, it’s time to talk about the last. The last time we will get to eat certain foods or the last time we will ever see some of our friends.

Here are some of the things that students at Exeter Summer are going to do one last time before the end: Starting off light, Rina Kawagishi from Cilley wants to pull an all-nighter, entertaining herself with a movie marathon. Damon Lee, who has been playing Fortnite with his dormmates at Wentworth, hopes to get one last win before he leaves. Luigi Filippo Guido Indro Dacco from Mainstreet is looking forward to eating donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and a Starbucks drink before he goes back to his homeland. Alvyn Sanchez from Wentworth wants to enjoy an afternoon swimming in the pool, as he has not yet gotten a chance due to how busy he has been.

Aruzhan Kuanyshbek from Dunbar Hall said she hopes to hang out by the docks with her closest friends before she leaves
“and never sees them again.” Similarly, Julia Legakis from Cilley Hall “want[s] to eat dinner with [her] friends from other parts of the world.” Along with Julia, Samuel Xue also wants to go to a new restaurant and experience this with his new friends. Phillips He and Chad Ho from Mainstreet both hope to get good pictures with their friends. This is something a lot of other people hope to do as many have befriended others from different parts of the world. Most will never see each other again. By taking photos, all are able to look back on their last week at Exeter and remember this whole experience.