As Antonia Lofink was interviewed, her sadness kept increasing because she realized we were nearing the end of camp. She said she didn’t like the beginning of camp, and felt homesick. Now she doesn’t want to leave and she thinks she will cry the last day being the sentimental person she said she was.

She described her Exeter experience as “super funny”, and doesn’t want it to end. Antonia said “I will feel nostalgic once I leave this place, but happy to go home.” She doesn’t want to leave and described her first summer camp experience as “unforgettable”.

Pablo Casanova was the only person who didn’t want to relive this summer experience, but for a good reason. “I had an amazing time, and will never forget it, but I feel like it’s time to go home,” he said. “I wish I could go home with all my new friends” he added quickly, not wanting to give the wrong message because, after all, he did describe his time at Exeter as “Incredible.”

He has gone to camp for the last three years and has only cried at the end of one, two years ago. He said he was a sentimental person, but is not sure if he will cry the last day. When he was asked to describe how he will feel the last day in one word he said, “Sad to say goodbye to some of my friends, but happy because most of them are from Puerto Rico so I will get to see them again.”

Chelsea Roberts offered a twist by happily saying the last time she cried was two days ago — out of joy. She explained why she was so enthusiastic about it and said “I was sad, but I was happy to be sad here because all my friends helped me out of that sadness. I am really grateful for them.” She explained how with the friends she has she will never feel down in Exeter again, until it’s time time to say goodbye to them. She will miss her friends a lot and said she will most definitely cry the last day. Finally when she was asked to describe her experience here in one word she said, “Amazing, but also eye opening because some people here don’t know how to do their own laundry”.

“The last time I cried was four months ago,” said Melissa Baez from the Dominican Republic. She said she is a sentimental person when it comes to camps, especially Exeter. “I have come to Exeter before, and my best memories were made right here,” she said. She describes her experience as “Fun and amazing.” “

Leaving here will be tough, but leaving my friends will be tougher,” she said. Asked if she will cry the last day she answered “YES” without hesitation and said “and please put that “yes” in caps lock.”

Overall, the amazing memories, class experiences, lessons learned, and the unforgettable new friendships made at Exeter will all be considered by these students, and many others, when they do an overall balance of their summer experience and will all be taken into account at the moment to say goodbye.