“Queen, Queen, I’ve got something to say,

Your majesty, you must fly far away,

Run even if you can’t escape being their prey!”

“I know, Little One,

Though my kingdom shines like the sun

My vision will soon be gone.”

“Oh, Majesty!

Forever is over,

And you couldn’t be any merrier!”

“But my child,

All the Celts and Franks have seen it all!

And I am like another worthless soul.”

“But highness should it be you

Who thinks, surely not

At least until our rope is cut.”

“My dear friend,

When all is light

No one will need the dark.”

“Yes my lady that is what I mean,

Who cares about those barbaric men

When there is life, amen!”

“Oh well, I want to live that life kid,

But it isn’t possible as I was told

I can’t return to the same old.”

“But queen what is the same old

When you haven’t seen anything?

And have only read the stories of our king?”