The spate of thefts continues to bedevil Exeter. In the latest incident, two BMX-type bicycles were reported stolen from the rear of Abbott Hall, Paul Gravel, director of Campus Safety reported this week. These bikes belonged to children of Phillips Exeter Academy faculty.  Mr. Gravel said he hoped that whomever took them will return them right away.  If you have any information on the stolen bikes please report it to Campus Safety. 

In addition, there have been several incidents of petty vandalism, according to Mr. Gravel. On July 17, damage was reported to a red Adirondack chair in front of Phillips Hall.  It is unknown who is responsible.  On the same day, damage was reported to a Harkness Table in the Academy Building.  It appears to have been caused by someone jumping on the table.

“It is disturbing that damage is being done to Academy property and not reported,” Mr. Gravel wrote in an email. “Our hope is that students take responsibility to report damage even if it is done intentionally.” If you see damage to property, report it to Campus Safety.