Another week of Exeter Summer has finished and more incidents have occurred.

According to the Campus Safety Director, Paul Gravel, there have been an unusual number of thefts reported from the boys dorm of Abbot Hall. The most common things stolen were wallets, reportedly missing from rooms. Most of these thefts occurred in dorm rooms with roommates. The students whose items were stolen said they locked their door, but did not know if their roommate did. Mr. Gravel wants to remind students to always lock their doors and to make sure if you have a roommate, they lock the door as well. 

There have also been reports from multiple students of motorists yelling at them as they walk through campus and the town.  Mr. Gravel said that Campus Safety followed up with Exeter Police to help with issue. This is not the first time, however, that motorists have hurled insulting remarks  at students of Philip Exeter Academy. “A few years ago,” Mr. Gravel said, “there was an arrest of a person who was reported to have been yelling at students.”  If you are yelled at by a motorist try to get the license plate number and a description of the car. On Monday night, a vehicle was stopped by Exeter Police after they yelled at some students in teh crosswalk. The suspects were identified and warned for their actions.

The janitorial staff has found blood stains, either from a cut or bloody nose, around the athletic complex.  If you do bleed and it gets on the floor make sure to notify Campus Safety so somebody can clean it up as soon as possible.

Daily students go into to town to the different shops that line Water Street. There have been many calls about the students being respectful in the shops and restaurants.  However, Walgreens did call this week reporting that students were being very loud in the store. Mr. Gravel left with this reminder to “Remember you represent the school when you go into town.”