A group of students from Phillips Exeter Academy participated Monday in a Phone Bank for promoting members of the Democratic Party in New Hampshire. The event was co-ordinated by Jackie Weatherspoon, Access Exeter advisor and a former aide to Hillary Clinton, and Julia Derby, an organizer for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

 “What I do daily mostly comprises of talking to volunteers and getting them on board with my field programs” said Ms. Derby. “I studied environmental science in college, which is my main passion and the Democratic Party is the party of environmentalism.”

 The students called dozens of potential voters to gather their opinions and support the two candidates for State Senate this November: Jon Morgan and Kristina Durocher. All the students had engaging conversations on the principles of the Democratic Party and the policies of the candidates.

 One student had a diplomatic discussion about the positive actions democrats in New Hampshire have taken in the past and what they plan to do about major current crisis’s.

 However, many students had different experiences with the potential voters. “One couple asked me some questions on the candidate and they were confused on which one was in the district,” said Kiarston Blackman. “However, even when I explained the policies of the candidates to them, they remained uncertain before ending the call.”

 “I really enjoyed the experience as I think it was a great opportunity to get involved in politics.” said Brianne Smith, a participant in the phone bank. “Even though I can’t vote yet, this is a great way to have an influence on something so consequential”.

 “I started working on my first campaign when I was in tenth grade and I think that’s a big reason on why I am here today.” said Ms. Derby when discussing the importance of having younger individuals participate in political activities. “Getting involved before voting age is a huge opportunity to be involved in such an important process and stay informed about the political campaigns. You aren’t just powerless against the political institutions. You all have a voice.”