The topic my group and I chose for our project was, should we stop using plastic straws? We asked 32 people if we should and the answer might surprise you.

We got 26 we should and six no we shouldn’t. We were surprised that we got six people who said we should keep using plastic straws. We told these facts to the six people who said we should keep using them: they contribute a lot to the landfills, plastic takes a long time to breakdown, they’re bad for the environment, it’s a waste of materials, we can’t re-use them, and they can’t be crushed down because of  the size of them. After these facts, three of them changed back to we shouldn’t keep using them!

Doing this project showed me that many people care about our environment. Even if they say yes to straws at first, if you give them the facts they will change into a no. But some people just kind of care for themselves. 

I thank those who said we should keep using them, but who changed after they heard the facts. I think that we should get rid of plastic straws. Just make paper straws, or restaurants could have metal straws. I have some back home in Florida and they’re really good straws. 

I know what you’re thinking: “won’t paper straws just deteriorate in your cup with liquid in it?” or, “won’t people just steal the metal straws?” Yeah they might steal metal straws, but paper straws wouldn’t deteriorate in the cup because they would add some kind of wax or plastic on top of the straw, like those little Dixie cups that you sometimes find at water jugs.

In conclusion, I think that we should at least change straws to another material instead of plastic because plastic straws just are not good for the environment.