At the summer sessions of Exeter, Campus Safety always sees a spike in the number of thefts that occur. “Maybe it’s because people are more trusting,” said Paul Gravel, Director of Safety.

The first week of the summer brought several theft complaints around campus.  In Abbot Hall, a student reported the loss of earbuds, estimated at $150.  The student believed that the dorm was unlocked, but was not sure.  Mr. Gravel stressed that if you have valuables that you either take them with you or lock your dorm room.  If your dorm won’t lock or you lost your key, you are urged to call Campus Safety immediately.

Two wallets were also reported stolen this week.  One wallet was reported missing from the Elm Street Dinning Hall, but it was not certain if it was taken from there.  That wallet was returned, but the cash was missing.  The other wallet, which also had cash, was believed to be last seen at Elm Street Dinning Hall or at the Grill. The wallet was looked for, but was not found.

To combat the thefts in the dining hall, there is now a member of the kitchen staff checking lanyards so that nobody who is not supposed to be there gets inside the dining hall. Campus Safety has also increased safety patrols at Elm Street.  If you are afraid that your valuables will be taken from your bag in the dining hall, you may keep it with you.  However, Mr. Gravel asks that it be kept out of the way so no one trips over it.  Since Exeter is also an open campus, always be aware of your surroundings.

At the Boat House this week, students reported a suspicious person in the area. Campus Safety was notified as well as Exeter Police. Mr. Gravel applauded the students for reporting the incidents. Nothing bad happened. However, if you ever see a person who looks suspicious, you are encouraged to report that to Campus Safety immediately. 

There are precautions all the students at Exeter Summer can take to avoid situations such like these.  The first is to always travel in groups or with at least another person.  If you are going to walk alone, make sure at least one other person knows where you are going.  Another way to take precautions is “if you see something, say something.” You can’t get in trouble for reporting a situation in which you feel unsafe.  “Exeter is a pretty safe town,” Mr. Gravel said, “just have common sense.” Make sure you always know where your belongings are and try not to leave your backpack unguarded anywhere.

The message Mr. Gravel wants to leave with students is to be “aware of your surroundings” and do not go places where you feel uncomfortable.  “Take the extra time” to check your dorm locks and your personal belongings.