Is Exeter is turning into Water Country?

It seems so with the amount of rain we’ve been having recently.

Summer students only experience the extremes of the American weather since it is either extremely hot or pouring rain. But how does this weather affect our daily life at Exeter ?

Students are running around with umbrellas and dashing into their classes to stay as dry as possible. That was the situation in the last few days. It feels like it can’t decide “weather” it should be raining or sunny.

Most affected have been the trips. We are given a lot of different opportunities to see new places. One of the ways to explore parts of New Hampshire is through the many expeditions offered by the Deans of Fun. Places like Boston or Hampton Beach. But the constantly changing weather doesn’t seem to cooperate. Even a trip to Water Country had to be cancelled because of…water (rain). 

The problem with the weather is that at the beginning of Exeter Summer, the sun was shining nearly the whole time and we had a average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Until now July was quite warm and offered great weather for hanging around outside. But lately we experienced a lot of rain that combined with the heat led to really humid air. Through the constantly changing temperatures, the students are not sure whether they should sign up for any trips or not.

The Deans of Fun do not change any activities — they stay the same except for the Water Country Trip. But according to the Deans of Fun, the Water Country trip is even nicer when it is raining because fewer people visit the park and the lines don’t get too long. Also, it doesn’t really matter if it rains when you are in the Water Park because you are wet anyway. But the chance of thunder and lightning led to the cancellation. None of the other trips were cancelled but no new trips were arranged. 

Still, the opportunities to go off-campus are still the same and available for the students. The issue is that the current weather doesn’t really promise a constant situation. But the students should still sign up for trips anyway so they can experience something different in the last days of Exeter Summer. Come on sun, shine!