Ever wanted to pie a teacher in the face? Now is your chance!

The Hamm Leadership Program is raising money to help fund a scholarship for a student to come to Exeter Summer next year! We are running a competition which will result in a few of the summer program’s teachers being hit with a pie in the face. We currently have six teachers participating, but more may sign up by Friday, July 20th. The six teachers who have already signed up include: Mr. Kuwana, Ms. Wurglics, Mr. Nolan, Ms. Coleman-Belin, Ms. Baughman, and Ms. Barrett. When you donate, you will submit it with the name of a teacher who is participating. Each donation is equivalent to one point, so at the end, the teachers with the most points will get pied in the face. The minimum donation is one dollar for your vote, but greater donations are encouraged as they can really go a long way!

We need everyone’s help to do this: faculty and students are eligible to donate. If you want to see some teachers get pied in the face and help a student come to Exeter Summer next year, please donate! More details will be made available on Friday July 20, 2018 at the All-School Assembly about where you can donate and how long you will have this amazing opportunity.