We believe in a better world to grow old in, a better environment to live in, and above all, a better earth to hand off to our children and predecessors. Although at times a difficult and monotonous task, dorm cleanups can give back to our environment, save hours of time for maintenance workers, help less fortunate families with donations, and put the school back in order.

In order to conduct this monumental task, we will need everyone’s cooperation on the last week of the summer program to ease the workload for the school and cleaning staff. The supplies that we’ll be collecting are fans, linens, clothes, and toiletries. There will be different stations to drop off each of the items listed.

For fans there will be two main collections centers; one outside the Library and the other outside the Academy Center. There will be tables and guiding signs specifying where the exact location of the collection will be. It may not seem worth bringing the fans in due to the weight and time of carrying

 it from the dorm, but it would be really appreciated if the school receives each one of the fans that was lent to the students at the beginning of camp.

Toiletries, linens, and clothes will be split into two separate categories for collection. The linens and clothes will be collected together while the toiletries will have their own separate containers. Boxes for toiletries will be provided for each dorm and will be placed in the common room during the final week. Simply place anything that you wish to donate into the box, and on the final day of the program, they boxes will be collected. Please use common sense when choosing which things to donate, as we do not want to accept anything gross, as it may ruin other items. Also, we will not be accepting deodorant, bars of soap, or toothbrushes for collection.

This project is extremely beneficial to the community, environment, as well as everyone in the Exeter Summer Program, and we would really appreciate it if students took a little time out of their day on the last day to help. Everybody who participates will not only be appreciated by the Exeter community and our group, but would also be guaranteeing a spot in the future for all of us.

Further updates about this cleanup effort will be spoken about at future Assemblies. Please look out for signs and announcements regarding cleanup.