Whether in Boston or Burlington, many students are eager to shop during their five-week stay during the Exeter Summer session.

 Last weekend, over one hundred students boarded the yellow school buses headed for The Mall at Rockingham Park, the largest mall in New Hampshire. Karina Huang, an incoming Junior, was one of the many students enthusiastic about touring the one-million-square-foot complex. 

Q: Why did you choose to attend The Mall at Rockingham Park?

A: I knew that it was the biggest mall in New Hampshire, and I also was interested in the stores it had to offer, like PINK. 

Q: How did Rockingham compare to your expectations?

A: Rockingham was smaller than I thought it would be, and we had less time to shop than expected, around two hours. This is because it took a while to get there, and we were delayed twenty minutes before leaving.

Q: How does Rockingham compare to the malls in Thailand?

A: The malls in Thailand are clean and modern compared to the ones I’ve been to in the United States. Some of the malls I go to are the Central Embassy and the Siam Center in Bangkok. The only downside is that there are many stores that Thailand malls don’t have, such as Zumiez.

Q: Do you budget your money? If so, how?

A: My parents trust me to spend money under the conditions that I am responsible and wise. So far, I haven’t gotten any complaints from them. They also know that I cannot find many of these stores back home.

Q: Did you visit any other shopping sites during your experience at Exeter Summer? If so, how do they compare to Rockingham?

A: I visited Boston last Sunday, the day after Rockingham Mall. I liked Boston better because it had better photo opportunities. However, Boston was a lot more crowded than the mall, so I spent a longer amount of time in each store.

Another Exeter Summer student who visited The Mall at Rockingham Park was Amalia Karaindrou, an incoming Sophomore who lives in Greece.

Q: Was there something that surprised you about Rockingham?

A: Something that surprised me was the large number of stores and the different brands that cannot be found at home, such as Pacsun. In Greece, many restaurants and shops are combined into one; in many American malls I have been to, this is not the case.

Q: Do you think you had an adequate amount of time to shop?

A: I think we could’ve had more time to shop. I remember when we had five minutes until we needed to board the bus. Everyone was running to the exit of the mall trying to get back in time. It felt very rushed. Also, I traveled from store-to-store with a group of people, which made shopping take more time.

Q: How do the prices of clothing items compare to the prices in Greece?

A: The prices for international clothes in Greece are slightly more expensive; on top of that, we also have to pay a large tax on almost all online orders. That’s one reason why I shopped a lot during my summer at Exeter.

Q: Do you have a favorite purchase from your trip to the mall?

A: I think my favorite item I bought was a planner from PINK. I’m really excited to use it this year and get organized!