It’s no surprise. France has overcome all adversity to be crowned champions of the world.

This summer in the 2018 Fifa World Cup, 32 nations were involved. The tournament ran for a month, starting on June 14th and ending on July 15th.

France began its World Cup campaign with a rocky start, with a tight last minute win against Australia and a slight victory over Peru defeating them 1-0. Yet despite all this France went on to win all three games in its group stage winning a reserved spot in the prestigious tournament knockout stage.

Then they continued their road to the finale, by beating an unforgiving, tough Argentina, 4-3 with the brilliance of their attack, conducted by players like Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann in the round of 16. They then went on to defeat a disciplined Uruguay team by 2-0 in the quarter-finals. They deepened their run in the tournament by tightly but surely defeating the dark horse of the tournament,Belgium, which came from a decisive and stupendous win over the biggest contender to the title which was Brazil.

Now in the finale they faced the most determined team of all in the tournament which was Croatia, which they would go on and defeat 4-2 in a stomping finale — the biggest defeat in a World Cup Finale since Brazil beat Italy 4-1 in 1970. The finale was also the highest-scoring World Cup final since England beat West Germany 4-2 back in 1966.

France was crowned champion of the world around 1 P.M EST on July 15th, 2018 and it will remain champion until the Qatar World Cup in 2022 begins.

But what is the aftermath?What are the reactions?

Enzo Gomez, a student in Phillips Exeter Academy said: “I would have been happy if it was a smaller country who won. I knew they were going to win, I have to wait for it to kick in that they are the winners.” When asked about how he felt about the winner he added, “I feel like France really deserved it.They have the best upcoming players.” He also responded when asked about how to describe the 21st edition of the World Cup by calling it “odd.” Previous World Cups have been played by really big countries”.

Now the countdown to Qatar 2022 begins. Who will be granted the wish to hold the 18 carat gold, 36.8 centimeter high, and 6.1 kilogram weighted trophy?