Lying on the grass quads should be a pleasant experience as the sun shines faintly between the bundles of clouds, but bugs ruin it for everyone as any tingling feeling on your legs can make you feel paranoid. Is a critter sucking blood out of you?  

As the average temperature has been around 80 degrees F for the past week, many students have complained about the swarms of mosquitos buzzing around the dorms and quads. Students on the first floor have been the doomed victim of these vicious blood-sucking insects. Multiple students have also reported that mosquitos have been traveling to the higher floors as well.  

Antonia Lofink, an upper school student staying on the first floor said, “I‘ve gotten already 5 mosquito bites on my leg and I know of many others who’ve gotten bitten.” 

Audrey Yang, another upper school student living on the fourth floor said, “there was a hole in the screen window of my room and bugs flew in before I could even get it fixed.” Not only did she get bitten by the mosquitos in her room, but also an afternoon staying out in the sun and chatting with friends also attracted multiple bug bites.  

There have also been a variety of mysterious cases as Audrey Adisaputro said, “When I go out of the room in the morning I don’t see any bugs, but when I come back at night there are bugs everywhere.” 

There are ways you can prevent these irritating creatures from biting you. For example, you can wear clothes that are of lighter color as bugs are less attracted to them. Wearing insect repellent when you’re outside can also help keep the bugs from biting you. If by any chance you do get bitten, make sure you resist any urge to scratch the bite. Scratching will increase the inflammation and make it even itchier; instead you can ice the area of the bite. If the screen of your window is broken or has a hole in it, make sure to consult a teacher to get it fixed.