Field Day — a day during Exeter Summer lot of students look forward to. One competes in teams according to dorm in in games such as the sack race, the three-legged race, and the izzy dizzy bat relay. 

Each dorm prepares differently, although most of them start by decorating some T-shirts so other people can recognize their dorm. Some used spray paint and markers, others puffy paint and one dorm even got premade ones. Some shirts just had the dorm names on it and others whole slogans. Besides designing T-shirts dorm teams also made up chants they could scream during the competitions. 

But not a lot of dorms really practiced for Field Day. Some Dorms just did some group games to get to know each other and especially to learn each other´s names. For example, the girls dorm Merrill were at the basement of the church where they decorated their shirts with markers in a lot of different designs and the slogan, “We are the Merrillcles.”

After that they divided into two groups and competed in a “name game” where you had to throw at first one tennis ball to another person in a certain order and call out the person´s name to which you were throwing the ball. Then you had a second tennis ball which you were throwing in the same order just a little staggered and then after that the third ball, the order backwards. The competition was who of the two groups was earlier finished with throwing all three balls. So after that game, you pretty much knew all the names of your group members. 

Merrill is one of the smaller dorms but still made the third place of the upper school girl dorms. 

Cilley, which ended up taking the win for Upper School girls, prepared rather morally: “We’re all very excited for Field Day!“ said Catherine Sarkis, 16. “The most important part is the moment before the actual races, trying to get into team spirit.“

At Dunbar, the stakes were quite high: this dorm had a 3-year winning streak that they unfortunately broke, despite the very competitive views of their team. “Veni, vidi, vici!“ (I came, I saw, I conquered) they all screamed when arriving on the quad: “This was for us a way to prepare mentally and all be motivated to beat the others,“ said Alyssa Ting, 16.

Winners or not, we were all rewarded with a delicious cookout. “I really enjoyed it, I got to know more about people in my dorm,” said Mia Sieh. In the end, that is what Field Day is all about: bringing everyone closer and creating a tighter knit community in the dorms.