On June 1, 2017, President Donald J. Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. This is an agreement made in 2015 by almost 200 nations, which includes every fully recognized country. This agreement said that countries should reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to fight climate change. Except for Nicaragua and Syria, all countries were united by this agreement, but this list of countries is now one country short — the United States.

It was not a good idea for President Donald Trump to opt out of the agreement. While most of the world believes that climate change is real, President Trump seems to doubt the existence of climate change. Also, it seems as though many Republican Senators were advising the President to follow through with his original plan to pull out of the agreement. However, many of them who signed a letter encouraging the President to opt out represent the states that depend on burning fuel to support their economy.

President Trump is said to believe that climate change is a hoax. He also says that it was invented by China to discourage Americans from making American manufacturing monopolistic. However, he owns a hotel and golf course in Ireland, and made an application for a protective wall outside his golf course. The reason for the wall? To prevent erosion caused by climate change.

Climate change is a big issue. It is expected that the average temperature will expand by ten degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Climate change will also eventually cause droughts and heat waves if not stopped. Sea levels will also rise and countries such as Kiribati, Netherlands and the Maldives that are low-lying could be submerged within a century. On May 31, the United Nations sent out a Tweet saying, “Climate change is undeniable, Climate action is unstoppable, Climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable.”

Overall, Trump says that he thinks climate change is a hoax, but we do not think that is why he opted out. We think the President withdrew because he wants the United States to be the superior country of the world by earning more money. The problem is that this will happen in ways that will in the end speed up global warming. This shows that the President puts more value in the United States’ economy more than the environment.

President Trump may say that climate change is fake, but he cannot refuse to believe the facts itself. He is refusing to believe it to make the economy run smoother and grow faster. This is all happening without any care for the environment. If President Trump wants to help this country, he should get the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement.

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