The last weeks of summer session brought several accounts of missing money.

According to Paul Gravel, director of Campus Safety, $128 disappeared from a backpack of a student who left it in the dining hall. Students are required to take backpacks off once they enter the dining hall. Shelves are located on both sides of the entrance. The bills were placed inside the wallet in the backpack. Somehow, the money was missing.

A similar incident followed at the end of last week when $150 in a wallet in a backpack was also discovered missing.

Mr.Gravel reminded students to keep valuable possessions with them when placing the backpack on the shelves. He remarked that stealing has not been happening so much over the past few weeks, although some belongings had disappeared due to misplacement.

Mr. Gravel also mentioned that thefts happen more frequently during the summer than regular sessions.

Even at the dorm, students should lock the door whenever they leave, he cautioned. Over the next few years, according to Mr. Gravel, Philips Exeter will try to employ key-less entries at the dorm. Basically, a key-less entry works similar to the procedures in many hotels where guest rooms  lock automatically  after the door is shut.

This week, a student received treatment at Exeter Hospital after a fall. Mr. Gravel said. The student was taken to the hospital by a few security officers and the dean on duty. School officials said the student recovered well and was in class the next day.

Mr. Gravel said the safety department was tightening its supervision of the construction sites on campus, especially around Love Gym.

He mentioned that instead of walking on the pedestrian path, some students tend to walk on the wrong side, which is restricted due to construction.

“From Campus Safety, we hope everyone enjoyed their summer experience,” said Mr. Gravel, “And we ask them to take extra caution when they travel back home. Be aware of their surroundings.” In other words, if you see something, say something.