As the Exeter Summer program draws to a close, everyone has a little bit of nostalgia for the past five exhilarating weeks: Classes, Sports, Activities, Friends and Memories. Despite coming from different continents and speaking different languages, students still manage to create friendships and connections amongst each other, thanks to a common shared interest. For some students, this interest is their passion for music.

Each weekday, music programs (including the Evening Ensemble, the Jazz Jam and the Glee Club) have taken place in the evening at the beautifully-furnished Forrestal-Bowld Music Building. There are also a plentiful selection of musical concerts and showings, allowing music-lovers to soak in some high-quality performances.

Access Exeter Showcase: Music, Theatre and Fun

On Monday night, two hours of one-acts, plays, songs and just overall awesomeness took place in Fisher Theatre: It was the Access Exeter showcase event, which featured  students from the drama class. Before the event even started, there were already crowds of people in the seats, their voices and chatter signaling the excitement of the moment. Once the program began, the audience immediately quieted down to let the voices of the performers shine onstage. They certainly did not disappoint: The plays and monologues were filled with strong emotions, which were carried out fluently through the voice and the body language of the budding actors and actresses.

After the intermission, the performers carried on, delivering some of the biggest highlights of the night: The passionate song performances of “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys and “Someone Like You” by Adele; a captivating dance performance to the tune of Mulan, and the play “Sure Thing”, which provided comical relief and set everyone in the room into hysterical laughter. The popularity of these acts was reflected through the audience’s cheers, which would burst out in waves of screaming, clapping and yelling after each showstopper.

For all performers, but especially for those who haven’t had any experience on stage, this event has certainly been a great accomplishment. Their high-quality performances and captivating acts created an enjoyable night for audience members.

Jazz Concert in Agora

The Agora, a popular hang-out spot for students, was slightly modified for the Jazz Concert on Wednesday night: Tables and chairs were moved to make room for a stage, where the musical instruments can be placed. This drew the attention of small crowds of students, as they began to fill in the comfortable couch seating, awaiting the show.

The show started off with a few tunes from the Jazz & Improvisation Class: As the music kicked in, students relaxed with the jazzy beat and the uplifting melodies. Whenever a musician finished off a solo, the audience would acknowledge his/her work with a brief round of applause. Some students even recorded the performance on their phones, hoping to savor the moment.

Upon finishing the last tune, the Jazz & Improvisation Class dispersed and it was the “official” end of the concert. However, although the concert was technically over and the crowd had dispersed, students from the weekly “Jazz Jam” session assembled in the Agora to play some tunes as well. Despite having a much smaller audience, the Jazz Jam group put on their best display and played beautifully.

The whole event was staged in a casual setting, and the performance from the Jazz Jam group had been impromptu. But still, this didn’t stop the musicians from expressing their passion and emotions through each and every tune of the evening.