This is my second summer here at Exeter, and this year blew me away no less than the last. Last summer truly changed my life, in that it inspired me to look for educational options away from my local high school. I was an Access student in 2016, and am an Access student this year as well.

My Summer ‘16 global community classes challenged my beliefs about the world that I live in, introduced me to exciting pieces of literature, and inspired me to pursue a new language. This year, as a student in the CSI cluster, I have dived deeper into forensic science and detective fiction. Our final assignment for forensic science is a full-on “investigation” into the murder of a staff member.

Photography class has not only broadened my instagrammer view of the art form, but caused me many laughs when I have had to say to my friends “Wait! I have to take a picture of that!” in the middle of some totally unrelated event.

On another note, as a two-time member of the summer GSA, I am astounded by the new level of invigoration in this year’s group. The fact that so many of us were passionate enough to actually organize a sit down with the deans is magical to me. However, the most important part of both summers has been the friends I have made here. They have changed my life more than anything else. Inside and outside the classroom, they never fail to amaze me. The people at Exeter Summer are wildly talented, fascinatingly smart, humorously witty, and undoubtedly some of the most caring and accepting I have ever met. Exeter and its people have made me the person I am today, and will forever hold a special place in my heart.