Summer is over, and the Seacoast Soccer Team and their fans had a blast.

With seven games and two wins in total, the games were filled with excitement from fans who had high hopes and came to support the team no matter what.

At first, most people went to support their country mates, but as summer progressed, everyone came together, and the fans, as well as the players, became a team.

Lots of friendships and relationships, were made during the games.

The people who went to the games and the players made lots of unforgettable memories this summer. The Seacoast Soccer games made an impact in a lot of people’s summer.

The atmosphere in the games was positive, and uplifting. “It’s so cheerful,” said Carola Maglione, a 15-year-old Upper School student from the Dominican Republic.

There was always music playing from several speakers, each playing tunes from different parts of the world. Nevertheless, the most prominent cultures present at the games were the Turkish and the Venezuelans, both playing their music loudly, singing and dancing along with it as well as cheering for their friends on the team.

The environment created by the fans and the players at the games was so nice that some people enjoyed hanging out in the bleachers more than they enjoyed the actual game. The crowd got bigger each time. It was the perfect example and opportunity to take in and showcase once again, the diversity Exeter Summer has to offer.

The audience’s positivity and good vibes reached the players, encouraging and boosting their confidence as well as their mood. “The crowd screaming for you inspires you to do your best,” said Rodrigo Guevara, 16-year-old Venezuelan defender from the Seacoast team. “It motivates you.”

By the end, it didn’t matter if the team won or lost: the game was the place to be. It was always a trending topic on people’s Snapchats. It was impossible to go to the Grill that day and not see people buying snacks to go see the game: it was part of many Exeter students’ routine.

Regardless, the coaches were expecting better results, and they stated that in order to win more games, the players needed to work on their attitude, especially the older players, who tended to have trouble keeping focused.