On Thursday, July 27, the mail room was teeming with gleeful students. Everyone received a parcel that day.

One by one, smiles spread across students faces as they swung open their mailboxes, revealing a delicious brownie treat: an Exeter Bar.

“We did it,” Exeter Summer Director, Elena Gosalvez-Blanco said.

This was confirmation that the fundraiser held the day before to benefit future Exeter Summer students was successful. The goal of receiving 99 donations of any amount was achieved. Thus, as promised, students were rewarded with the famous Exeter Bar.

Students were delighted about the success of the fundraiser not only because of the prize but also opportunities it presents for kids all over the world; the funds raised will go towards providing financial aid for next year’s summer students.

Ms. Gosalvez-Blanco thanked everyone for their support and reminded students that although the fundraiser is over, it’s not too late to give. Again, both parents and students are encouraged to donate any amount, even gifts of $5 are accepted.

Parents can make their donation at exeter.edu/raisethebar. Student can make donations here on campus using their Lioncards at Student Activities.