The 2017 Exeter Summer session is coming to an end. It’s a crazy feeling to really think that every student on campus has been here for five weeks. Five weeks to bond and make new friends with international students from all over the world. Five weeks to create new memories.

In the time we were all given here at Exeter, we all have a favorite memory that will always stay with us.

So I asked students a question: “What is your favorite memory of Exeter?”

“My favorite memory here at Exeter is going to Canobie Lake. I never expected to have so much fun off campus with my friends. It was good day to go to an amusement park with the people that give you good vibes.”- Jewelie Fran

“I would say going to Boston Common. Having the freedom to walk around Boston and explore without having an adult because someday I will be exploring a new place on my own. It was a great an experience for me.”- Kevin Gray

“Best memory would definitely be introducing myself to entirely new people. I was so happy about how fast I made friends within the first day on campus. I now know that a simple ‘Hey or Hi’ will go quite a way.”- George Lingry

“The best memory I have would be, taking pictures with everyone I met. The phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is true because when I`m home I will look back at all pictures and think to myself and smile because that’s literally all I can do.” –Kyren Moe

“My favorite memory here would be collaborating with my classmates. It`s interesting because everyone is different with opinions and when they share, they share their thoughts.” – Fae Moorie

“The dance, definitely the dance. The majority of the summer students danced the night away and it was so much fun! Everyone expressing themselves, but through music. I can say I enjoyed myself the most the night of the dance.” – Kelly Rian

One memory can make a difference in someone`s life. At Exeter that is exactly what it did for students who attended Exeter Summer. Memories is all we will have once the session is over and they will always make us smile or laugh when we think back.