What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home?

For Henri Gasquet from Paris, now that Exeter is over, his holiday can begin. “I want to sleep, sleep, sleep,” he said.

As a great Exeter Summer comes to an end, more and more students start thinking again about home. They remember all the great things waiting for them: their family, pets and local food. At that point, they realize how much they miss those great things. Since every student has an individual memory of home that they are looking forward to, it’s reasonable to ask about their immediate plans once they returned home.

That’s an easy one for Giovanni Pernazza from Rome, Italy. “I’m going to eat a kilo of pasta!” (This is a lot, even for an Italian).

Jakob Koch from Germany, where drinking alcohol is legal at the age of 16, says “I’ll drink a beer.”

Other students are determined to start their physical activities and their hobbies again. Philip Chenaux-Repond will “start training for my triathlon,” once he returns home.

Others simply can’t wait to meet their friends and family back home. Jolie Bercow says, “I want to see my sister.”

After a five-week hiatus, some students like Mohammed Linjawi from Saudi Arabia have an easy priority: “spend time with my family.”

Achilles Martinis from Switzerland will “meet up with my friends.”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person; many students, for instance, want to see their pet again. John Warmann from Germany would like to “walk my dog” again.

Homework and other activities have been very tiring for many students during the summer session. The late bedtime due to homework and the tight schedule challenged many students. Many yearn to sleep in their own bed, on their own mattress in their own room. Feras Alqatri remarked jokingly: “I want to sleep on a bed that doesn’t have centipedes.”

Not only do students miss their own beds but also their bathroom. Redzuan Raffe, a student from Malaysia, is especially looking forward to finally take “a nice hot bath” and relax. He won’t miss the cold showers he took on campus.

Other students will immediately start their regular school again, not getting any break from homework and classes. Federico Cestero said that unfortunately when he comes back to Brazil, he will have to “study because I have school.”

On the other hand, many students will enjoy a vacation. Anna Bouldin from Barcelona, Spain, can’t wait for her beach holiday to start: “I want to go and swim in the ocean.”